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Celtic Kugelwange


G L:
Just want to show off my new celtic coin from collection

A handsome coin--and if you would crop photos, we could see larger images.

Virgil H:
Looks like a beauty. Can you give us more details on it? I mean where is it from? I love Celtic coins, just don't know much about them in detail. Where is this one from?


It might be helpful to have a look at other Kugelwange coins posted here in the members' galleries (which includes my |own) example. 

Arguably yours could be described as Ball Cheek type, if we are to listen to another poster's comment:
<<This type is commonly called the Kugelwange 'Ball cheek' type because of a prominent raised ball as a cheek on the head of Zeus. These coins are mostly found in the region of Syrmia between the rivers Danube and Sava, which is divided today between Serbia in the East and Croatia in the west.>> (simmurray).

Mark R1 also has some useful comments in |his post about the Macedonian precedents.


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