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Roman Coins / Re: claudius 2 consectratio mule or not
« Last post by AMICTUS on Today at 07:06:51 am »
Recent publications of large hoards may be more accurate about this question as it is not a matter of absolute quantity as such  but rather that of the number of hybrids in comparison with the number of regular coins. For the first category a ratio of about 10 per cent could fit well with a hasty starting period of a new issue.
Roman Coins / Re: Caracalla Denarius from an uncertain eastern mint
« Last post by maridvnvm on Today at 06:37:45 am »
Your argument falls down if you look at the context around what is happening at the mint at the time.

Pescennius Niger was a usurper who had stood up a regional mint likely with staff who were not fully literate in Latin.

The early eastern issues of Septimius Severus also had similar issues but by the time the mint had been made a branch mint to the Rome mint the number of such errors are very much the exception rather than the rule. The coins of Caracalla are contemporary with these and the occurrence of such errors on the standard eastern issues from this mint really is minimal.

These examples are so far from the normal output of the mint that they can ONLY be explained as being imitative rather than errored examples from an official mint.

That is my opinion.
I don't know if it  is Fides on 369, but for whatever reason, all the references list bonus eventus.

BE is a real Roman god, well documented, and that is the legend though. Ric and bmcre agree on that point?  The god seems to have been linked to successful agriculture, as well as good fortune in general.

I am well aware of Bonus Eventus as a deity and whilst he is often seen holding corn ears too he is depicted as a nude male. This is robed female deity. Fides is a female deity seen with basket of fruit and corn ears. If you want to look at what I am explaining, then have a look through acsearch for "bonus eventus" and "fides basket" to see what I mean across the range of imperial coinage.
Identification Help / Re: Roman coin id help
« Last post by shanxi on Today at 06:28:53 am »

The -AS is quite clear, but not the letters before.


Identification Help / Re: Prutah identification 5
« Last post by Amelia B on Today at 06:24:33 am »
Impossible to say for sure, but Jannaeus is most likely, given the frequency of overstruck coins of his.

Thanks Aarmale!
Roman Coins / Re: Caracalla Denarius from an uncertain eastern mint
« Last post by timka on Today at 06:09:29 am »
... If Eastern mints used to make legend  errors on every second coin for Septimius Severus, and on almost every coin of Pescennius Niger, why we should we  be alarmed with an error on a suspected Eastern- mint denarius of Caracalla? Surface, fabric, appearance look very Eastern. Obverse style is rather Roman...

I believe this whole topic needs a bit more time and much more material to be accumulated. So that someone with enough recorded specimens will be able to conclude what is imitation and what is Eastern mint for Caracalla. Though it can be a very silm line between small Eastern mint and imitation production.

Below you can see a coin that is also in question.
Identification Help / Roman coin id help
« Last post by Jason D. on Today at 05:59:12 am »
Hi friends, i need help to classificate this roman coins.
AE 18mm.  1.40g.
Bust right/ Victory walking left, B in left fileld
Help is appreciated.
Thank you.
Natknąłem się na koszmarka jak poniżej, zastanawiam się co mu właściwie jest. Wydaje mi się, że był na tyle skorodowany, że wyrzeźbiono go praktycznie od początku, ale może się mylę? Tak czy inaczej kwadranse kopalniane były bite bardzo porządnie, styl właściwie moim (i nie tylko moim) zdaniem wskazuje na mennicę w Rzymie.
Identification Help / Re: Calpurnius Piso?
« Last post by Meepzorp on Yesterday at 09:00:58 pm »
Hi ED,

Your coin appears to be similar to this coin:

Your example is the variety without the "LF" in the reverse legend.

The reverse legend on your example is "...PISO FRVG...".

Your coin is so worn that I can't make out any symbols. Perhaps some other Forum members can narrow it down further.

Roman Coins / Re: Caracalla Denarius from an uncertain eastern mint
« Last post by Ron C2 on Yesterday at 08:57:57 pm »
to me, the reverse looks unlikely to be official for all the reasons Curtis mentioned.  The coin is also unusually "frosty" for a Caracalla denarius.  this much selective phase corrosion would be unusual in a denarius from that timeframe unless the silver content were exceedingly low.  This looks more like a post-gordian flan to me in terms of corrosion, making me suspect ancient forgery on a sub-standard flan of low silver purity. 
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