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Numismatic Tourism in Copenhagen and Stockholm

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I apologize for posting in English, however I don't understand Swedish. 

I will briefly be in both Copenhagen and Stockholm this summer, and would appreciate any suggestions concerning coin dealers in either city.  I remember visiting Peter Flensborg in Copenhagen decades ago when I last visited that city, and see that he appears to still be in business.

Also, I definitely have the Coin and Medal gallery at the Danish National Museum on my agenda.  Does anyone have any thoughts concerning the Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm?

Thanks for any assistance or advise.


Kim B. N:
Army buddy of mine got a shop ca 30 mins in train from Copenhagen. Roskilde the city it self is a beauty. Some of the first coins in Denmark was made there.  :) And the Viking ship museum is the trip worth. i can send you an Mail if you like, with the adress ect.?

Kind regards Kim

Hello Stkp,

I am a little embarrassed to say that i personally have not got around to visiting the "Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm" yet, although it is on my agenda.

Here is a link that will give you an idea of what to expect when visiting (sorry about it being in Swedish).

All the best

Andrew McCabe:
I'm visiting Stockholm and Helsinki soon, so this thread is interesting. Is there anything in Helsinki?

Pekka K:

National Museum has a Coin cabinet containing eg Keckmann collection.

Pekka K


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