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shabti - need information


Hello !
This is shabti from my collection. Measure is 47 mm, with hole on th top ( part of necklace ? ). Why this shabti is without faraon's beard ?
I need more information about period, and type of inscription ( it's a a part of Book of the Dead ? ). Many thanks for help.

Hi Propraetorius,
     Personally, I don't think it is ancient. One does not see that many air holes in ancient Egyptian faience or "composition". The size is tiny, most "finger" shabti are around 60 to 65 mm in height. I have never seen a real one with a hole in the head. If it is real, it should date from Ptolemaic to Roman times. There were times when it was considered prudent to have a different shabti for each day of the year. 365 beautiful shabti would cost a fortune, so little ones "finger size" were mass produced.
     Traditionally, Chapter 6 from the Book of the Dead was the spell associated with shabti, and over the years various abbreviated forms of it were used. Some shabti have beards and some do not. Perhaps 60% have beards. I don't know the significance of the absence of a beard; perhaps, those for women do not have beards?



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