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Fly amulet bronze plated for ID


Hi all;
I am posting this Egyptian amulet with fly shape for ID-21mm-1,5g.Partially bronze plated from one side with hole for suspension at top.It looks like Petrie 19[h?].Material is Lapis lazuli i bet.
Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Nassif,

     Your fly does look similar to Petrie's 19h.

     I do have a question about it for you...
     Often, when lapis lazuli is found, there is a white stone or matrix associated with it. This white stone is very white, usually pure white and has the appearance of frozen or solidified milk, and is called "mother of lapis". This white stone then becomes blue and we refer to it as lapis lazuli. Sometimes, lapis has "quartzite inclusions" usually gray quartz running through it, and sometimes other minerals as well. Is, what appears to be yellow actually yellow or white? I have never seen mother of lapis with yellow mineral deposits in it but anything in nature is possible. What appears to be bronze is probably another mineral.

     I don't know if you are aware of this but lapis deposits have yet to be found in Egypt. In 1968, the trade route for lapis from Afghanistan to Egypt was completed, and I think the results were published in a journal titled "Iraq". It's hard to believe this trade route was open as far back as the Old Kingdom or even pre-dynastic times.

     Flies are usually associated with valor on the battle field.


Hi Russ;
the color is really white and not yellow as on photos ;as i am not great specialist with photos,there is interference with colors & shadows most probably.
Thanks for your great & valuable comments,i learn always something with you.


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