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Scarab fo ID


Is possible ID some word or significate for this Scarab?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Senatus,

     I think the inscription is a combination of two names; perhaps, one of the Rammesside kings and Amenhotep III or Amenhotep, son of Hapu.
     Reading from left to right "User-Maat?-men - en - hotep - nb". User-maat-Ra is usually the beginning of a Rammesside king's name and "men-en-hotep" the end of a Amenhotep King's name. No one knows why but sometimes the ancient Egyptian combined names and this scarab my be one of those. This is a rare combination and I have not found a parallel in the books I checked.
     For something vaguely similar, see:   Hall, R. H.   Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs, Etc., in the British Museum, Volume I, Royal Scarabs, London, 1913.: page 191, Number 1907. Yours has neither solar disk or feather. Hall writes "inscribed with the name of Amen-hetep (the son of Hapu?) or of Amen-hetep III, as "Ra-Amen-Hetep) confused with Amen-hotep III (the two are probably confused). XXVIth Dynasty"
     I looked in some other books and found nothing, they are
1.   Downes, Dorothy. The Excavations at Esna 1905-1906, Warminster, Aris & Phillips Ltd, 1974.
2.   Petrie, W.M.F.   Scarabs and Cylinders with Names, British School of Archaeology in Egypt and Egyptian Research Account 21st Year, 1915; London, 1917.
3.   Petrie, W.M.F.       Historical Scarabs, London, 1889.
4.   Petrie, W.M.F.  Buttons and Design Scarabs, The British School of Archaeology in Egypt, London, 1925 (re-print by Aris & Phillips Ltd., Warminster and Joel L. Malter & Co., Inc., Encino, 1974)
     I hope this helps.

Thank you dear friend for your help :)


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