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Two unidentified Egyptian amulets?

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Hi all;
I am posting two unidentified Egyptian amulets?found among a private collection of Egyptian small deities & amulets.They are in unidentified metal with loop for suspension?
*1st item:25 x 14 mm-3,5g
*2nd item:23 x 11 mm-2,6g[its metal is different from the 1st one]
thanks in advance for any help

Hi Nassif,
     Your amulets appear to be ancient. The first one is referred to as a papyrus on a plaque, or papyrus column on a plaque. It was a "mummy" amulet, one that was not used by the living. Is there a possibility that it could be made of green feldspar, also known as amazon stone or amazonite? All know examples of this amulet were made from hard stones. Green feldspar was the most popular material. I checked several publications and here are the results. Note the exception in Andrews as to materials.   
1.     Acquaro, Enrico  Amuleti Egiziani ed Egittizzanti del Museo Nazionale di Cagliari, Centro di Studio per la Civilta Fenicia e Punica, Presso L'Instituto di Studi del Vicino Oriente Dell'Universita di Roma, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Roma, 1977. Silent, no mention.
2.   Andrews, Carol  Amulets of Ancient Egypt, University of Texas Press/British Museum, Austin/London, 1994: pp. 81/82, Plate 83d (unusual in that it is made of green glazed composition. Andrews writes: "To the Egyptians the green of fresh vegetation which symbolized new life and, by extension, resurrection, was exemplified by the papyrus plant which, as the wadj or papyrus scepter in amuletic form, was first mentioned in Coffin Text No. 106. By the time the Book of the Dead was compiled it had become a prescribed amulet. Both Chapters 159 and 160 concern a papyrus column of feldspar to be placed at the throat of the deceased. 'If it is sound, I am healthy, if it is undamaged, I am uninjured, if it is not struck, I am unwounded... my limbs shall not become dried out.' The accompanying vignettes represent the amulet either as an individual papyrus column, or - in Late Period papyri - as a plaque with a column (or two) incised on it or carved upon it in raised relief. Examples of both types exist, and although their colour is predominately green, glazed composition occurs as often as feldspar with some glass and glazedsteatite; gilded wood, haematite and ecen cornelian were also employed..."
3.   Blanchard, R.H.   Handbook of Egyptian. and Mummy Amulets, Cairo, 1909; Attic Books, New York, re-print, n.d., paper: page 27, Numbers 367 and 368, Plate LI, text reads "The UATCH, or papyrus column, in green feldspar. These were placed upon the neck of the mummy to ensure eternal youth and vigor."
4.   PETRIE, W.M.F.   Amulets, London, 1914. page 13, Number 21, Papyrus on a Plaque, Plate II, Numbers 21a, b, and c. Text reads " Name: Uaz. Meaning: To be as durable as neshem stone - green feldspar.Chapter 160 of the Book of the Dead is as follows:'Giving the column of green seldspar. I am the column of green feldspar which cannot be crushed, and which is raised by the hand of Tahuti. Injury is an abomination to it. If it is safe, I am safe; if it is not injured, I am not injured, if it receives no cut, I receive no cut. Said by Tahuti, arise,  come in peace, Lord of Heliopolis, lord who resides in Pu. When Shu has arrived, he found the stone at Shenemu, as its name is neshem. He (deceased) makes his abode in the enclosure of the great god; whilst Tum, resides in his dwelling, his limbs will never be crushed.' Period: As these are always of hard stone they probably belong entirely to the XXVIth dynasty, before glass became common for amulets."
5.     Reisner, M.G.A.  Amulets, Catalogue Général des Antiquités Égyptiennes du Museé du Caire, Nos. 5218-6000 et 12001-12527, Service des Antiquités de L’Égypte, Cairo, 1907 (Part I).  Silent.
6.     Reisner, M.G.A. , et al. Amulets, Volume II, Catalogue Général des Antiquités Égyptiennes du Musée du Caire, Nos. 12528-13595, Service des Antiquités de L’Égypte, Cairo, Imprimerie de L’Institut Français D’Archéologie Orientale, 1958, completed posthumously by museum staff. Silent.
7.     Rowe, Alan  A Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals and Amulets in the Palestine Archaeological Museum, Government of Palestine, Department of Antiquities, Cairo, Imprimerie de L’Institut Français D’Archéologie Orientale, 1936. Silent.

More another day. I hope this helps.

Hi Russ;
I am really very grateful for your great help,thousands of thanks.You are right,after examining closely the item,it's a dark green stone and not metal..Last request:can you post here for me the link to some i don't have any one of them.. ???and in case there hopefully  some digital library?
What about the 2nd amulet ID??? ???hard stone too[brownish colour] like Isis head dress??
Again:GREAT THANKSSSSSS in advance for all.... ;)

Hi Nassif,
Here is a run down on the reference books I cited:
1.     Acquaro is considered by many to be out of print and rare. It is sometimes available from Italy for $120.00 plus postage. I have an extra copy but I don't know if I am allowed to sell anything here. It's not on line.
2.     Andrews is still in pint - I think.... You may be able to get a copy from Amazon for about $25.00 or $30.00. Not on line.
3.     Blanchard is probably out of print, even the reprint, but you may surf or try to contact Attic Books. It should cost about $20.00. Not on line.
4.     Petrie, see ETANA/ABZU
5.     Reisner Part I, see ETANA/ABZU
6.     Reisner Part II, rare, out of print and very difficult to get. I have an extra copy but don't want to get into any trouble. It's not on line.
7.     Rowe, rare, out of print and very costly. I believe a publishing company in India has a paperback reprint for about $40.00 plus postage. If you "Google" Author and title, this is the version that usually comes up. It's not on line.
Note: ETANA/ABZU is a treasure house. If you have a hunger for knowledge you will become a glutton there. They have books on Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, etc. The have over 10 of Petrie's works including Amulets and Scarabs and Cylinders with Names. One word of advice - give yourself some time - you will be in awe of what they have.
     The same can be said for the Hathi Trust Digital Library, it's new but growing, and very useful.
More later.

Hi Russ;
Is my 2nd item Petrie 38 e?
thanks in advance for all


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