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Pope URBANUS VIII (Barberini) 1623-1644



Silver-mixture mm19

R/ St. Michael Archangel demolishes the Demon.

The reverse is interesting because for the first time I see the Demon represented on a coin.


Follibus Fanaticus:
Dear Sir:

You have indeed seen a demon.  I think the coin is a Muntoni Number 195, described as "S. Michele scaccia Lucifero."  So your coin shows the Archangel and the greatest demon of them all.  The coin is a quattrino.

Urban VIII issues much better demons.  On the huge silver "piastra" you will get a much better look at "Lucifero" and "Sancto Michele," too. Muntoni No. 34, another piastra -- which is about 20 percent heavier than a U.S. silver dolar -- shows our hero besting no less than four demons.

Follibus Fanaticus


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