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Pope SIXTVS IV (Della Rovere) 1471 - 1484


mm 19  -  mixture

I need reference and name of coin.




i believe this coin is a "quattrino" struck by the mint of Viterbo since i seem to read S.LAVREN .... D. VI.....
Muntoni 67 or 68 (CNI 19 or 10).


Follibus Fanaticus:

You neglected to tell us what’s really good about this coin.  It is a product of the mint of Viterbo, a small town perched on top of what looks like a butte out of Montana.

How can you tell it’s from Viterbo?  St. Lawrence, martyr, feast, August 10, is the patron of Viterbo.  He was roasted over a slow fire on August 10, 258, during the golden days of Valerian I [253-260].  What did he do to merit such a toasty death?  When the magistrate ordered him to deliver the Church’s treasures, he brought a flock of poor people into court and declared:  "These are the treasures of the Church."

The judge was not amused.  He was condemned to be fried slow.  While cooking, he held out a well done arm to the judge and said:  "Do you want something to eat?"  Valerian heard about this and was even less amused than the judge.

The King of Persia may have done the same thing to Valerian I in 260.  I wonder if the Emperor had a come-back-line as good as Lawrence from Viterbo’s.

Follibus Fanaticus


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