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The obverse shows the obverse of an Akce by Beyazid I dated 792AH. The reverse shows some kind of Bulgarian Grosch. I am not familiar with Bulgarian coinage but this is a real interesting item. But also highly suspicious.

 Chances are that this coin is some kind of modern forgery. Beyazid I coins are popular subjects for modern forgeries. I dont know really where the origin of this coin lies, but I can find out if you give me permission to post it to other groups. Also I would need weight and diameter.

I have a Beyazid I Akce with a countermark which says Allah. It is argued it may be a modern forgery. An Akce that was tooled.

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Hi The obverse simply reads Halluedu mulkehu like on all Beyazid I Akces. Nothing Special. The obverse also shows the date of 792AH which is normal. 1390AD. Well I posted it and I am sure I will sonn get an aswer.

Your Komshu



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