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It just struck me that while we regularly see coins of Christian Spain, I've never seen a coin of Muslim Spain. Does anyone have any?

I've not any but on you can find some pics. on ebay they are not too scarce to find


I have 10 Spanish Ummayyad and one Almoravid piece which was probably struck at a Spanish mint: the Ummayyads are not that scarce, but the later ones can be very poorly struck, so it is difficult to find collectable specimens with mint and date readable. I bought 4 nice ones from Baldwin's earlier this year.

The coins orf the 'Taifas', the short lived dynasties after the Ummayyad  realm split up are much scarcer.

See this website for some nice specimens:

Best wishes


You must have been watching Channel 4 last night!

I only have two from this period:

1.  Umayyads: Abd al Rahman III al-Nasir li-Din Allah, 300-350 AH (912-961 AD), Dirhem of Al-Andalus (Cordoba)

2. 13th Century AR Millares, copy of a Muwahhid Dirhem made in France/Spain.

Christian resistance in Spain turned the tide against the Muwahhids at the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212.  Christian forces quickly retook all the Iberian peninsula except Granada.

We're a mixed Muslim/Christian family so we watch anything like that.


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