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Anti-Christian/Crusader grafiti?


Hey everyone,
I just recieved my first Crusader coin today, and I am quite pleased. 
Kingdom of Jerusalem
obv. AMALRICVS REX - cross, two pellets
re. DE IERVSALEM - Church of the Holy Sepulchre

So, as I was admiring my new aquisition, I noticed that there appears to be an X through the Sepulchre on the reverse.  In hand, it is very prodnounced and well proportioned, and stays strictly on top of the Church, making me think that it was deliberate.  What do you think?  I love thinkimg up of possible stories... Could it have been done by a Muslim of the time who hated Christians, the Crusaders or both?
As you can see, it has a hole and was probably worn as jewlry on a necklace.  The hole is directly above the cross, so the cross was probably the main idea for wearing the coin.  Maybe a souvenir of a Crusader, or of an Arab who had driven out the Christians? 
An interesting coin, in my opinion.  What do you think? What of that X over the Sepulchre?


It looks more like a case of the metal failing to fill the reverse die along the line of the cross on the obverse.


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