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a question about first Ottoman copper coins


is there an identified sample of copper coins belonging to Osman Ghazi ( Osman I ) (the first Ottoman Empire 1299/1326) available now?

if yes would u please send me its photo? if no what s the inscription or pictures on it?

thanks a lot...

Howard Cole:
Here is what Stephen Album writes about this.

"Several scholars have attempted to assign varius anonymous types to Osman I (699-724), but none of these attempts is convincing.  However, it is likely that some imitative Ilkhan types were struck in areas under the authority of Osman I.  Further research is needed."


Hi All

This further research was done. Stephen Album's view dates back to the late 90s. Well according to Nuri Pere who published a extended work on Ottoman Coins in the 60 the coin labelled as Nuri Pere 1 is identified as the first Ottoman Mangir. However experts such as Slobodan Srekovic argued that this coin is a modern forgery. Though the coin is in a museum in Istanbul and it is broken and holed. If you go to then to Islamic coins and then Ottoman and click the Osman folder then you will see this coin there. This coin is unique. Moreover just this year another example was found which looks similar to Ilkhanid coinage and was mistaken as an Anatolian Beylik coin that has now been IDed as Osman Ghazi. This coin's image can be viewed in the April or May issue of the Turkish Numismatic Society.

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