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Hi all

Well Levon this is a good topic. Thanks for starting it.
I would also like to contribute.

Here we have an image of a historically important coin.
This is the first Ottoman Gold coin but also the first Islamic coin series minted in Qstantaniyye (Constantinople, Istanbul)

The first Gold coin and Islamic gold coin from Istanbul was actually minted in 882AH and this one is from 883AH. The condition is imaculate.

Here is the full ID. Ottoman AV Sultani, Mehmed II (The Conquere or the destroyer of the Byzantine Empire), 883AH, Qstanyaniyye.

Best wishes,

Hi Burak,

Interesting coin, I saw it up for auction, and it was quite expensive. Hope you get it. : )

Yes this coin if for offer right now. But I doubt I will get it. It is offered by my mentor. He offered this coin to me for 600 dollars but at this time I couldnt afford it now I wished I got a bankloan or an overdraft.


I found myself in a similiar situation. The same seller was selling a bilingual dram, but, because I have just sent payment for another one, I could not afford it. I will post the image of the one I got in a day or so.


I can finally post the bilingual I have been talking about. After a few mishaps with the USPS, I finally got this today:

Cilician Armenia, Hetoum I, AR Bilingual Dram (A.H. 639).

Obv. Equestrian king Hetoum holding a scepter. Cross fieldmark behind king. Surrounding inscription in Armenian:
(Hetoum King of Armenians).
Rev. Three line inscription, and then a  counterclockwise surrounding inscription (In Arabic):

" ﻢﻈﻋﻻﺍ ﻥﺎﻄﻠﺴﻟﺍ 
ﻦﻳﺪﻟﺍﻭ ﺎﻴﻧﺪﻟﺍﺙﺎﻴﻏ 
ﺩﺎﺒﻘﻴﻛ ﻦﺑ ﻭﺮﺴﺨﻴﻛ "

(The Sublime Sultan | Protector of the World and Faith | Kaikhusrew Son of Kaiqobad).
" ﻭ ﻊﺴﺗ ﺔﻨﺳ ﺲﻴﺴﺑ ﺏﺮﺿ
 ﺔﺋﺎﻤﺘﺳ ﻭ "
( Struck in the City of Sis, in the Year Nine and | Thirty | and Six Hundred).

These are rare and beatiful pieces, and show superior calligraphic workmanship to their Seljuq counterparts. The reasons for issuing these are still unclear. Some suggest it was a token of Armenian suzernity to the Seljuqs, others a friendship treaty, and a recent theory suggests these were issued to facilitate trade with Seljuqs.

Enjoy, and I hope to see some coins from you guys.



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