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Your coin is very handsome and clearly well worth the wait.  It is a good example of how the fact that it is holed does not impact its artistry. 

I especially like the equestrian issues of Cilician Armenia. 


Thank you John!

It was a blessing to find the holed one. I originally found a really nice A.H. 641 dram for a higher price. When I called the seller he said that it was sold, though offered me this one at half the cost. Quite the luck!


Roland Mueller:
Hi LordBest,

It was in 1952 when I was able to buy a lot of aprox. 150 silver denars from Bohemundus. My fathers freind, an Italien Citicen found it in Italy. As he knows that I am collecting coins I could buy the whole lot. I have to ask for credit from my father. I was surprised that none of the coins are from the same die!!! All of them where well preserved (see the scan). How many coins they had produced at that time!?
I have still around 70 pieces in my collection, some a exchanged against greek bronze coins.

Moderators, could this be made into a sticky topic ?

Wow, and I thought I was lucky finding a hoard of six Bohemonds for sale! :o
                                                LordBest. 8)


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