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Your questions are sought for Ottoman coins

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Dear Friends

I hope the first guide to Ottoman Coins was helpful to you or at least you have read it.
Well I would like to prepare a second more comprehensive guide to Ottoman Coins if requested, so our dear friends can learn more about them. However for this I would need to know what you would like to know.

Here is the first one guide again

Please reply to this post, and ask me questions for things you would like the second more comprehensive guide for Ottoman coins.

Do not miss out on this because only this way the guide can be at its best. Use me while I am willing and have the motivation.

Best wishes,

I suggest you this. first of all start with showng the way the numbers are written (numbers and not numerals), write the most common words on coins and after this explain the quiz coins showing the words that are on them.


Hi Lorenzo

I have done all these things all over the place. Here is what I have written in another post yesterday. If you do not find this helpful let me know.

 Hi All

I only collect Ottoman coins and banknotes. I do sometimes pick up some Umayyad, Mamluk and Ayyubid coins keep them for a while, study them and then sell them. If I have some nice coins which are not Ottoman and though rare then I keep them.

I cant read Arabic, but I have learned to read the Ottoman coins.
Just know this. Keep it as simple as you can. Learn only what you need. I though want to learn the language and so will be taking some courses soon.

Ottoman coins, I think, are the easiest to learn. Apart from the anonymous or ornamental mangirs they are fairly easy. Learn the numbers. Thats the easiest and practise them. Then learn the mints. Once you can read the date and the mint you can already ID the coin if you also consider weight and size. Thats all you need to learn. The numbers can be found on the web through some research.

The mints of the Ottoman Empire can be found here
Just click the mint and you will be directed to its Arabic equivalent.

To learn what the coins are saying use these links

I hope this helps

If anyone has questions please let me know

Best wishes,

Here are the Arabic numbers. Practise them they are easy to learn. Did you know, that the numbers you are using now as in 1 2 3 4 etc are the old Arabic Numbers?

Also you should the script in Arabic is written from left to right. So are the numbers. But if you read the numbers they appear to be from left to right. This is now true the number 1223 is read as three twenty two hundred thousand in Arabic. Thats why it seems left to right to westerners but in fact it is right to left for Arabs.

Hi Burak,

I noticed that numbers are left to right and writing is right to left. What is the reason for this ?
Seems more confusing. I see it on modern coins with arabic script as well.



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