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Another one: Edward (I of II?) Penny London Mint Assist with SCBC and North


Joe Sermarini:
Edward (I or II?) Penny London Mint Assist with SCBC and North Numbers.

1.305g, 19.3mm, 225 deg axis

CIVITAS LONDON (tilted S?, Roman N's)

I thought with these links it would be easy:



I think it has a high arched crown which can only be class 8c, North 1035, SCBC 1406A. But I have no confidence. English coin experts, please help. Thanks.

I rather think it's Edward I, type 10cg3. Spink SCBC 1412; North 1042.

✠ЄDWΛ R ΛNGL DNS hyB.  The combination of unbarred A, round E, non-composite S, cross pattée and no contractive marks leaves a range of types 6 and 8-11.  ЄDWΛ would commonly be type 10 or 11, rarely type 8. The portrait is suggestive of type 10 or 11 (long head, little drapery).  The crown has a tall central fleur: type 10 cf3, of which the turned out h suggests 10cf3b. 

Hope that helps.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Chris. I will look to confirm.


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