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Edward (III?) Penny London Mint Assist with SCBC and North Numbers

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Joe Sermarini:
Edward (III?) Penny London Mint Assist with SCBC and North Numbers.

1.380g, 18.1mm, 45 deg axis

+ EDWA REX ANGL DNS hVB (or similar, double struck so not clear, closed E's, wedge tailed R)
CIVITAS LONDON (closed C, Roman N's)

I have the references, but I really do not have the expertise to identify the SCBC or North numbers for this coin. The double strike on the legend is making it too much of a challenge. English coin experts, please help. Thanks.

Joe Sermarini:


These links might help:



Based on the first picture in the first link (will enlarge if you click on it), this coin may be Edward I or II.  Look at the crown.

My experience in these is limited to verifying what the dealer said it was. So at least I had a starting point.

Good luck.

The double striking doesn't help. It is certainly not Edward III, the crown style is wrong.

I think this MAY be class XIa so Edward II. That would be North 1060, SCBC 1455.



Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Callimachus and mauseus. I will post here if I think I have figured it out.


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