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Need help ID fibula


Kilian O:
Good morning,

I got these fibula's for quite some time and was wondering if somebody could tell me some more about it. I think I did read somewhere that they were called 'aucissa' and were mainly used by legionairs but i'm not sure, maybe someone here knows alot more. Possibly the one without the pin is a fake, the copper/bronze seems to have not much patina and on the top where the pin is attached the metal can still be manipulated and bend slightly. Possibly it got harshly cleaned as you can see by the scratches. But would copper still bend slightly after 1800+ years?

Photo's under this message

Appreciate any insight  ;D +++

Kilian O:

It's an Aucissa variant called the Wolf Head fibula.

See the Aucissa wiki page for details.



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