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Impressive Knee Brooch

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Copper alloy; 38mm/20.7gm ca. 2nd Cent. AD

This type of brooch is known a semicircular type with hooded spring...I think...but with a vast difference. Please note in the photos how the artisan added a total of eight tiny spun silver wires (less than 1mm) about the brooch; four around the hooded spring (only vestiges remaining), one around the brooch terminal, two more around the doubled head, and one more just below.

Hard enough to imagine how difficult is was to create this brooch in the first place, you know? But how it managed to survive nearly 1,800 years in the earth after centuries of constant plowing in such pristine condition is the real wonder.

Has anyone seen a brooch like this before?

Jay GT4:
No I haven't Kev, but boy is that a nice fibula!

Not entirely uncommon.  Many more likely had this type of decoration than survive today.

It is a Germanic style, though also used by Roman soldiers.

Below is a pre-knee Germanic type with silver foil and beading. 

I also have a couple of knee fibula with decoration like yours, though they are larger, and a couple of tiny Pannonian trumpet types also with silver beading, but I have yet to photograph that part of my collection.


Hi Kevin, Nice piece..  +++

 I have something like yours, also decorated  I try to find it and take some photos... ;)

Congratulation  +++

 Joe /Q.


Joe Sermarini:
Very nice.


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