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Lorica Segmentata Washer?

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Jay GT4:

--- Quote from: Kilian O on February 04, 2021, 10:05:30 am ---
--- Quote from: Jay GT4 on February 03, 2021, 10:13:14 pm ---I don't think so.  All the ones I've seen are rosettes and not as domed.

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Yeah I do agree but I have found references online that it might be. Problem is that these washers were quite universal, could be part of baldric,armour,helmet or just a belt mount.

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If it had a hole in the middle I would say yes, but the one you show has a solid dome, so it's not a "washer."  More likely a decorative rosette from the Antonine and later period.  Look at Bishop and Coulston's  Roman Military Equipment 2nd Edition fig 101 #3 (reproduced in the link below as the UTERE FELIX belt fittings).

 Although it doesn't have to be military in nature either.

Although it does look like some belt decorations, the size and weight and construction appear to indicate that it might be a decoration for something more sturdy than a leather belt or strap - like a wooden box or piece of furniture.



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