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A clothing item?

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Jose G:
Hi Everyone. My best whises for this New year. I attach some photos if a bronce object.
Any información?
Thanks in advance

Can you tell which parts are broken and which end naturally?

It looks like the centre and one end appear to split in two around a rivet (?) hole and that the item is broken at tat point - i.e. it should continue.  But what about the wider flat end - is it a planned end or also a break?

I wonder it this is a small fragment of a larger openwork disc??


Jose G:
Thanks a lot S.C

You are right , one end Could be the end of a Rivet and the other one brocken.

After your explanation I think It Could be Patera Egger piece, neither fíbula nor clothing item

 Thanks a lot again!

That was my thought too.  Though not sure about the rivet.


Might  also be equestrian bits - pieces of bridle etc.


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