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Any opinion about this bronce objects


Jose G:
 :Greek_Pi:Hi again everyone,

I know that this task is not an easy one, but I will try. Any opinion about those object?

I really know that is not possible to hit 100% , but just an opinion will be much appreciated

I will try first (It is possibl were wrong):

 :circleline: I think that the rounded one is an strap or harness fitting.

Regarding to the rectangular one I think, it is one part of a Belt mount duo. ┬┐could be?

Both from an roman place.

Regards and thanks again,


The loop is part of a bronze cooking vessel.  The two flat bits were riveted to the rim of a metal pot or bowl or small cauldron and the loop was used to suspend it, usually from a chain.  Two such items were used, on opposite sides of the bowl.

The other piece might be part of the reinforcing strip of the rim of such a bowl if they were found together.


Jose G:
otlichnik, thanks a lot again.

Can't speak for the loop but regarding the rectangular piece-some times ago two  rectangular pieces exactly like this one came out together with a legionary belt buckle and lorica segmentata fittings .In my opinoin the rectangular piece is part of a armour or was rivetet to a leather or belt.

Pieces like this do appear as part of belt-sets - helping affix mid-2nd to mid-3rd century buckle-plates to leather.  But they can also be used for any other leather-work.

Nothing like that appears on armor finds - see the comprehensive catalogues by Bishop and Thomas or any other works I know.  All lorica segmentata parts are quite well known.



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