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Identification Help / Re: Please Id this ancient coin (01)
« Last post by Virgil H on Today at 07:04:15 pm »
You nailed it, Shawn. The NGC grading thing, in addition to being a profit center for them, is an attempt to move ancient coins into the realm of modern coins where grade is just insanely overrated, in my opinion (what little I know about the stamp world is also obsessed with grade). I do not like this trend at all for ancients and the two NCG encapsulated ancient coins I have bought I have broken out of their little prisons. LOL. Doing so probably reduced their value, but I don't care. I did keep the tag, however.

Perhaps it would be easier and quicker for Jasper and the reviewer if he provided a pdf of the book instead of a hard copy.
Books and References / Re: Beirut Museum Reference Wanted
« Last post by helvetica on Today at 06:49:32 pm »
I received my copy a couple of days ago. But could you give more information about the coins you are looking for ? No. 83 in the AUB catalog by Baramki  is an AE of Trajan from Askalon, not a tetradrachm from Arados.
Identification Help / Re: Please Id this ancient coin (01)
« Last post by djmacdo on Today at 06:45:45 pm »
Good observation!
The Members' Gallery / Re: Mark’s Ancient Greek Coins
« Last post by Mark R1 on Today at 06:43:40 pm »
Thanks Jay!
It is easier to see the host coin reverse if the coin is rotated:
Identification Help / Re: Please Id this ancient coin (01)
« Last post by otlichnik on Today at 06:27:12 pm »
Personally, with the advent of the internet and ubiquitous photography I find that the utility of grading ancients is fading away.  The coin is what it is and the photo shows it.  Maybe with all the fine nuances in grading modern coins or slabbed coins there are details or qualities that don't come across via a photo and where the grade still helps but for ancients I just look at the image.

Thanks. I was led astray by thinking those were hind legs. Now, in the photo, that > does look like the horse’s head, moreso than in hand. But the corn ears below the horses clinch it. At least I got the wheel and the Σ right. The date's slightly early (Circa 187-168 BC vs "late 2nd century BC" for the Celts plundering and overstriking), but not outrageously so, so can I at least assume I got the Celtic Strymon/Trident correct? (Throw me a bone, so I don't conclude I am absolutely horrible at this identification business).
Ancient Coin Forum / Re: Some new online resources I'm building
« Last post by Anaximander on Today at 05:11:00 pm »
Hi, Steve. Thanks for your introduction. I’ve been referring to your “old” site listing of coin catalogs for a couple of years now. The new link you shared shows something wonderfully different.

Like you, in some ways, I've taken a big plunge into literature, but not so much catalogs as collections (yes, there’s some overlap). But when I need a catalog, I often struggle to locate it. I REALLY look forward to perusing your coin pedigree database, because that’s the large part of my desire to consult those old sale catalogs in the first place.

Those links to online catalog collections, like Gallica BnF, will be helpful. So many were largely unknown to me. Not for the first time, l’m learning about sites that I thought I knew….

Dear Phil P, Mac, and Board,

It took me some time to get my head away from Thessalonica, but once I realized the world of undertype possibilities was larger than that city, I found the answer in its neighbor, Pella:

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Mark Fox
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