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Bronze small axe

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cot b:
What the period of time these axe belong to ??? It possible can be trepolyan culture from ukraine...

This type of axe was common during the bronze age. They are very frequent in Scandinavia during the period ca 1000-500 BC, but I suppose they have a wider geographical spread.


wandigeaux (1940 - 2010):
I'm glad someone could bring some information on these -- I have one almost exactly the same as cot b that I bought in York in 1993.  The socket seems very impractical for use as an axe, while the loop seems very practical for stringing several together (votive objects, ceremonial gifts?).  I passed on one made of tin (to my eternal regret).  Cheers, George Spradling

cot b:
 :-\ Can it be older? Something like 2000-3000 BC? It is from Ukraine,from Bucovina region. I dig it at about 3 monthago 8)

I´ve just learned that in Britain this type of axe is called socketed axe and dates to ca 1000-800 BC.



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