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Iulia Domna, nacked Venus with VENERI VICTR - COTD

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This was my Coin of the Day - for me - sorry about that, i like the revers look with that venus ;) ... so i must buy today:


Virgil H:
Your link returns an error page. I would love to see it.


I think this must be it.

or this:

Both great coins!

Thanks for help! :)

Yes... I linked the false - you did it right. The 1st one I buy first - and I like it so much, that I will buy the second example.
I read that there are two mints - Rome and Laodicea (?) and many variants with the towel. So I hope I can collect all variants some time.

Pawel C2:
If you are looking for this type of reverse for Julia Domna there will be a chance to acquire a pretty nice piece on coming GNDM spring auction (besides other coins from specialized collection of Alexander Severus)
or (the same coin but on other platform)

If it is forbidden to paste links to current auctions please remove it (I was not able to find terms of the discussion forum).


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