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Numiswiki problem


Steve Moulding:
Hi - I don't know if NumisWiki is broken or if I'm doing something wrong...

Starting here

There are a set of "References" links in the middle of the page.

Page 1: 1-25 cover "Aelia Flaccilla" to "ERIC - COMMODUS".
Page 2: 26-50 BUT link titles and actual links did not change...still "Aelia Flaccilla" to "ERIC - COMMODUS".
Ditto all the way to 76-100... always "Aelia Flaccilla" to "ERIC - COMMODUS".
75% of the references are thus unknown and inaccessible.

I'm using Microsoft Edge browser, but see the same thing in Firefox too.


Joe Sermarini:
I am passing this to Sorin.


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