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Scanning my small and unimportant coin collection I noticed I had a coin from the A. Scammell collection.

Ron C2:
pics or it never happened :)

Thanks Ron C2, this is a test cos you know that I think if it's not Roman LRB and its not a battle of provenances then most coin collectors are not interested. C'mon Ron you know that most don't give a monkey's about Cappadocian drachms or the great Morkholm-Simonetta scrap or the nicer Lewis- Thompson High date vs low chronology of the NewStyles. If I thought they were interested they could at least google A. Scammel.


If you read my "Some new coin types in the early Athens New Styles" notice coin 2 bakhos & Kernos...a coin with no dots on the obverse..........the old owners missed this and so did the auctioneers and thus didn't know that it was a completely NEW obverse for this coin, not the one they thought (lazily) it mwas. [INSULTING COMMENT REMOVED BY ADMIN]

Ron C2:
Nice new style.

I actually did google Scammel, and before you suggested it too.  Seems like an interesting collector, and sad that he left his collection to his sons as a legacy and they seem to be selling it off via various auction houses.  Just goes to show, our offspring likely won't have the same interests we do. 

And you're right - nobody on any forum I have yet visited seems interested in Cappadocian drachms - not that I let that impede my own enjoyment of them :) 

I wish I had some more free time - it would be most interesting to update simonetta's references with the morkholm corrections and publish with new reference numbers for the 2 or 3 numismatists beside me who would notice - lol. Perhaps a retirement project in a few more years from now.

Jay GT4:
A lovely coin regardless of who owned it prior


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