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The Last of the NewStyles

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I have been inundated with requests to know more about the beautiful NewStyles from the nasty Mr L L Sulla to it's demise under Marcus Antonius or there abouts. Obverses at the Time of Thompson and as now are shown)
Now when he laid siege to Piraeus and to Athens "that was it "for the Mithradatic cause who controlled Athens and its port.
First Archelaus skipped out of the port on a fast Trireme leaving Athens to be defended by Aristion on the Acropolis, it didn't last long and nor did Aristion surrounded by a destroyed Athens.
It seems Mr Mithradates caused only about 3 obverses to be minted in his name as first magistrate, maybe a few Mithradatic tetradrachms minted by him in Athens and loads and loads of Fulminating Zeus Bronze/Lead AE's. All useless when Sulla won and most of the silver probably got eventually melted and much AE was chucked.
The NewStyle might have tentatively started in Athens name but where the O Demos  NO A :Greek_Theta_2:E)and the 2 Ear of grain types "look a like" come in we don't know - who minted them, wher and when?
Often the less controversial Beatyl  With Fillets starts the revival of the NewStyle proper and generally the obverses start to increase back to reasonable numbers reaching a quite respectable 17 obverses with Stag. Then declining to 6 with Bakhos.  What caused this mini-revival is probably due to the short-lived 2nd Mithradatic war.
And then it plummets. In the list in the best order I know, the largest obverses is 4 obverses achieved 3 times , There is an occasion where it seems, no tetradrachms were produced. The last discovered NewStyle from the Hierprytena hoard is a shambles a single known coin that is actually an over-strike on an unknown Alex the Great tetradrachm. This smacks of desperation.

In my humble opinion, what real use is these small issues other than as personal issues, that probably possibly were financed by individuals or their organisations that they represent. Look at the 3 issues by Diokles, Diokles the 2nd and Diokles for the THIRD time as proclaimed on the coins.I own a Diokles To Dey ( for the 2nd Time)  proclaiming his services in the priesthood he was associated with. How personal can you get!

When M Anthony came to stay in Athens as the NEW DIONYSOS the coinage changed and the NewStyle became extinct.

GoD this is far more fascinating than a million LRB's , but many or most think not!

Jay GT4:

--- Quote from: cicerokid on February 19, 2022, 09:01:09 am ---
GoD this is far more fascinating than a million LRB's , but many or most think not!

--- End quote ---

😀  Yes I would agree, but to each his own.

Them's fight'n words!

Though it would be an unfair fight - one tiny LRB David vs. the huge New Style Goliath.  Luckily LRBs are so much more common so they would be able to swarm the New Style like the Liliputeans swarmed Gulliver and tied him to the beach.


yeah . I got a use for a LRB I had, I got it to put under a Shabti I had that did not have a square pedestal for the stand I made for it. A quick shove of a LRB and super glue fixed the problem !

Not good photo though


--- Quote from: cicerokid on February 19, 2022, 09:01:09 am ---GoD this is far more fascinating than a million LRB's , but many or most think not!

--- End quote ---

So make the case - what makes new style owls more interesting to you than LRBs?

I also wonder how familiar you are with LRBs? As an example, take the coinage of Constantine I (my focus) - to an outsider you may see a million Sol, campgate & soldier-and-standard types and your eyes my glaze over, but in reality Constantine issued over 100 major reverse types (not counting all the issues/variations), many of which are excruciatingly rare (some known from a single specimen). On that basis new styles appear to be a bore-fest of a single type!  ;)

I understand your frustration in having amassed such a complete collection of new styles, and not receiving the attention you think they deserve, but imagine how new styles look to an outside observer... It's as if you'd just chosen to focus on a single LRB reverse type such as campgates and are screaming at the world why your single-type collection is so fascinating!


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