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 ATTICA. Athens. AR Tetradrachm (16.96 gms), Leukios and Antikrates, magistrates, 72/1 B.C. NGC EF, Strike: 5/5 Surface: 2/5. Light Scratches.
HGC-4, 1602; Thompson-1227a.1 (possibly this coin cited). New Style coinage. Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena right; Reverse: Owl, with head facing, standing right on overturned amphora; to right, Demeter and Artemis standing; uncertain letter on amphora, ΔI below; all within wreath. Very attractively struck and having only faint traces of wear, this piece is a charming example of the popular type, regardless of some scratches on the surfaces. Thompson mentions 1227a.1 as encountered in "commerce 1955." Given Salton's activity in the business at the time, this well could be that example.

From the Mark and Lottie Salton Collection.

It's only encapsulated for a short while, but what I can see through the plastic is that it is a very handsome coin of "fine style" to me at least.  The only plate in Thompson 1227b. Of  tetradrachms, one obverse and 2 reverses and once out of prison I shall see, but all the same upto 1961 this would be a late post Sullan coin after the tentative first 10 issues after the sacking event of 86 BC. The first post Sullan Athens New Styles starts off  shyly but increases obverses and reverses probably due to paying off Roman veterans then increases probably due to Mithradatic wars 2&3 and after 63 ish falls off a cliff to tiny maybe personal issues. Give one obverse can be responsible for 20k strikings and one reverse responsible for 10k what actual use to an economy or Army is 20,000 or so tetradrachms? Given the number of known specimens of 3 in 1961 and suspecting this was one of the 3 that certainly with my idea of a personal issue.

Now I have 2 late late coins, but this example is much more like the earlier post-Sullan issues.

More latter...........

John (cicerokid AKA NewStyleKing)

Jay GT4:
Fantastic acquisition!


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