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Thessalian League Rogers 56?


Virgil H:
I am putting this here, even though I think the coin may more properly fall into Roman Provincial if my identification is correct. This one I am asking for an affirmation on if I am correct, I am fairly confident on this one, but you never know.

I got wrapped up in the Thessalian League with Athena holding spear, but it just doesn't fit. I just got HCG Volume 4 and it paid off already I think with my first attempt to use it after finding Rogers 56, but not being 100% sure. It is HGC Vol 4 220. The only issue may be lower weight.

Thessaly, League issue. Magistrates Nikokrates and Eubiotos.

Laureate head of Apollo right; lyre to left.
QESSA-LWN above and below, NIKOKPATHS EYBIOTOY to left and
right of Artemis Ennodia walking right, holding torch in each hand.

Mine is AE19 and 5.23 grams, 0 degrees.

So, if correct, does this go in Greek or Roman Provincial?

Thank you,


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