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Bellinger Philippi in Macedon Plates?


Virgil H:
I can't remember if I actually saw the plates that are supposed to be with the article Philippi in Macedon, by Bellinger, in ANS Museum Notes 1960 file I downloaded from Haithi Trust, I suspect I never saw them because those plates are all missing (plates VI to XI). Also the actual year of this article is, I think, actually 1962. It is almost 1,000 pages encompassing three or four years. I would love to extract the article from that document, not sure I can do that with the software I own.

Anyway, can anyone let me know if those plates are available online somewhere? I am interested in the Phillip II naked horsemen bronze coins, specifically.



--- Quote from: Virgil H on February 12, 2022, 04:32:23 pm ---... Anyway, can anyone let me know if those plates are available online somewhere? ...
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This article appeared 1964 in Museum Notes volume 11, on hathitrust there are several scans of it and at least some include these plates, see e.g. here :):$b217979&view=1up&seq=357&skin=2021
(perhaps you have to copy the complete URL and paste it into the URL field of the browser in case Forvm softare is killing it again :-\).



Virgil H:
Thank you, Altamura, I didn't think about multiple copies of it, the version I downloaded is missing just those plates, it seems. And that link you sent is exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks again,

Tracy Aiello:
Altamura and Virgil,

I just added a link to the scanned article on the Numiswiki entry for Bellinger Philippi.


Virgil H:
Thanks, Tracy!



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