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on By Francois deCallatay

"The coinages struck for the Romans in Hellenistic Greece: a quantified overview (mid 2nd-mid 1st c. BCE)".

Along with Andrew Meadows, Francois deCallatay is a great read.
There is a certain academic who called one of my favorite coins as "frankly a mess"    boo hiss.........

Any comments on  the above and similar Meadows or deCallatay writings would be appreciated cos ploughing a lonely furrow is what I have been doin!


  Another attempt to widen the scope of topics bites the dust , even my mention of the Morkholm-Simonetta battle in NC over the attribution of Cappadocian drachms hits the buffers.  I must collect LRB's and late Antoniani to raise any interest. Outrage   I even used a LRB to fill in a gap on a leaning Shabati pedestal and glued it there for eternity.

I really do appreciate your posts even though I sometimes do not reply.  I made a note of this and intend to get to it as soon as I have a chance.  I am working on a large project and two small ones.  I thought retirement would be ease, but impose tasks upon myself.

De Callatay is working on the Greek Overstrike Database, which will appear in glory in a couple of months.  I copy any overstrikes I come across in catalogues and in metal and send the information and photos to him and I am sure that he would appreciate it others would also do so,


Thanks Mac.
I always keep a look out for overstrikes/understrikes in the New Style. But5 no luck so far i'm afraid.
The last noted was on the last issue discovered New Style in the Hierapytna Hoard struck on an Alex lll tet




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