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roman spear or arrow head

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Hi All,

a brons head of a Javelin?

65mm x40mm
shaft 18mm
35.66 gr

Almost certainly not Roman.  The vast majority of Roman arrow and bolt heads are iron, though a few are bronze.  But more importantly none match this style and construction.  See the Arrow and Bolt Head thread stacked to the top of this sub-forum for hundreds of examples of Roman arrowheads.

The form looks medieval to me.  There were some arrowheads of roughly this shape in bronze from the bronze ages but they differed greatly in the details of constriction.


thx Shawn,

i look through your list, could not find it either, will look further 

i did find a very similar head, iron Arrow Head 16th century
same dimensions

Joe Sermarini:
You are sure it is bronze?


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