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Constantine as Filius Augustorum from Alexandria.


Follis, 308-310, Alexandria mint.

Obverse: FL VAL CONSTANTINVS FIL AVG   /  Laureate bust of  Constantine. 
Reverse: GENIO CAESARIS   /    Genius standing, modius on head, chlamys over left shoulder, holding patera and cornucopiae.   K in left field; A and P in right field. 
Mint mark: ALE 

6.08 gm., 24 mm.

RIC #99b; PBCC #1191; Sear #15585 var.

Minor pitting, especially on the reverse, does not detract from this beautiful coin.

The obverse legend shows Constantine as "Filius Augustorum" -- an empty title granted him after the conference at Carnuntum in November 308. Coins with this title were issued for a short time at 5 mints under the control of Galerius (Siscia, Thessalonica, Nicomedia, Antioch, Alexandria). This title was not recognized in the area under the control of Constantine himself, nor in Italy which was under the control of Maxentius.

I don't know why but have a soft spot for these Alexandrian issues. That is a great find and an attractive coin. Congratulations.

Very nice.

For some reason Constantine's expression looks just like you'd expect from a guy given that title - not entirely thrilled - "Filius Avg!  Meh!".


Very nice attractive coin!

I always like the look of this gold-toned Alexandrian silvering.


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