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Antique Inkwell Featuring Greek (imitation) Coin

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I didn't know where to share this interesting coin-related item.  While it is a metal antique (though not an antiquity) its interest here is not itself but the "coin" it incorporates.

This is a brass inkwell, likely from the 19th century, with a coin inside the lid.

Careful examination of the coin image reveals some places where the silvering has worn somewhat revealing brass color underneath.

I would be interested in views on the coin it is modeled after and what type of imitation this is. It seems to be too high quality to be cast (the detail is even sharper than the images imply), so struck in brass?  Electrotype??


Interesting object.

The "coin" looks like a portrait of Philetairos on tetradrachms from Pergamon:



Interesting, thanks.  It certainly looks like it, especially the second with the ribbons.

I would have initially guessed it was from the Bactrian successors.  (Guess who has yet to actually read his copy of the Davis & Kraay's Hellenistic Kingdoms, Portrait Coins and History!)


Jay GT4:
very cool

Virgil H:
I guess there is no chance of seeing the reverse. That would be interesting.



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