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Juba II of the day.


Just picked up this little coin of Juba II. It is toned, slightly off centred and has a weak obverse legend. It also has an excellent portrait of the learned ruler with a pleasing reverse design and clear legend. 

NORTH AFRICA, Mauretania, kings of, Juba II with Kleopatra Selene, (25 B.C.-A.D. 24), silver denarius, (3.89 g), Caesarea mint, struck c.20 B.C. - A.D.24, obv. diademed head of Juba to right, around REX IVBA, backwards to right, dotted border, rev.**KLEOPATRA* BAC*IL*ICCA, star in crescent, (S.6005, Mazard 299, SNG Cop. 567). 

This coin certainly deserves a response.  It is certainly a splendid example of presumably a very scarce issue.

Jay GT4:
That's a wonderful coin.  Congratulations.  For a while I was trying to collect all of Juba II coins, especially with Cleopatra Selene.  Here's mine, different dies.

with a write up.

Great coin, Steve,  👍



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