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PTOLEMAIC Coin help.


Kim B. N:
Goodevening board, i hope someone can help me get an ID on this handsome Ptolemaic coin.

As always any info is deeply appreciated. Cheer Kim.

Coin Info: Æ30 Bronze.
Zeus-Ammon right.

2 eagles standing left.
Weight: 22.82 g.

Pekka K:

Sv 1424:

Pekka K

Kim B. N:
Thank you again Pekka! Cheers Kim.  :)


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Sv 1424:

Pekka K

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Good call. Nice that the inquiry included size and weight. This type is among the most common of all Ptolemaic bronze coins. Seems to have been made for many decades in the 2nd C. BC and in such large quantities that thousands of specimens survive today. Svoronos alone listed about 140 specimens in his catalog and some hoards have been published with hundreds more.



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