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Corinthia, Corinth AR Stater ID


Kim B. N:
Hi all can someone help with an ID on this lovely AR stater?
Thank you for your time and help. ps. I am sorry i can show the toning of the coin in the picture, it is so sweet.  ;D
Cheers Kim.

Coin Info: Corinth AR Stater

Helmeted head of Athena left; dolphin above. Cockerel on the right.

Pegasus flying left. (Maybe something below pegasus?)

Weight: 7.29 g.
Size: 2.2 cm

There is a Greek letter Q for Koppa, beneath the Pegasus, signifying it was struck at Corinth. With this information, you can search or or other popular search places and find a match and reference number for your coin.
Good luck,

Kim B. N:
And i think i got a winner! Corinthia, Corinth AR Stater. Circa 400-375 BC. Pegasos flying left, Q below / Helmeted head of Athena left; dolphin above, cockerel behind. Pegasi 26; BCD Corinth.

Thank you Akropolis. :)


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