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Aspendos stater with countermark


Hello ladies and gentlemen.
I have added a coin I always wanted in my collection - an Aspendos stater with wrestlers and slinger. Usually they are expensive so I'm glad I found one, not in the best condition but I find it excellent.
Managed to attribute it as Tekin Series 2 - that's a plus - as far as I know these are not very common.

However what puzzles me completely is the reverse countermark. Does anybody know what that is? I think I exhausted all the options I could think of - helmet; trident; cista mystica.
Today a thought crossed my mind - an antelope with a dolphin between the horns?! but I cannot find a similar countermark.

Note - I posted this on a different board also, if I get an answer I will post it here. I still hope somebody will be able to narrow it down - from what I read, there are countless Aspendos countermarks and there isn't a paper to centralize them (if it is, I am interested in finding out more info regarding this subject)
Many thanks in advance.

Could it be a tripod?

There are a LOT of countermarks on these, I don't know of an online list.

Thank you.
It is a possibility.
In the personal catalogue my description for this coin in regards to the countermark is "unknown".
In the meantime I received it (when posting, it was still on the road). I was hoping in hand it will look more clear. Nope.

Could iut be a sacrificial fire issueing from a bowl?

That's another possibility.
For me, the closest match is a horned animal with something between the horns.


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