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--- Quote from: Jj W on October 06, 2021, 06:37:45 pm ---... but anything in particular that you saw here that made you think so?  ...
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It is simply because the original is made of silver :-\:

A bronze coin of this type does not exist.



Jj W:
Welp, that would put a nail in it.  Thank you.

So are these aren't really modern fakes are they?  I would imagine maybe 500 years ago someone faking a coin like this would get much more out of it than someone today.  With material and time cost I can't imagine a modern one making more than $10 from these.  Or am I mistaken?  If it's an old times forgery, that has an interesting "value" to me on it's own.

No, this would be a modern fake.  Costs pennies to make in the Middle East or Afghanistan and sells for a mark up of 100s to 1000s!

Aside from the wrong metal there are clues.  Many casting bubbles in the body, 'soapy" or soft details that are easy to distinguish from wear (when you have the experience), also not sure what is going on with the flattened part of the legend.


Jj W:
Oh I see!  That is a great write up, thank you.  This should be a fun treasure hunt item for the kids then.

Hi Jj W,

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