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Jj W:
(I'm pasting this same intro into all my first posts to level set. Thanks for your patience)

Hello all,

I'm new here.  Please be kind :)

So I recently found out about auctions for ancient coins and artifacts.  I've mostly just been buying things that feel interesting or give me a good feeling.  I have always loved archeology and history, and also been a minor coin collector since childhood.

I'm not really collecting as an investment, more as a form of time travel.  I just love touching and holding these objects and imagining who may have held it when it was newer.  Having some kind of historical context to these objects is what I am mostly after. 

Also, I am strongly interested in attempting to restore everything to as close to what it looked like when it was new(er).  I don't want to destroy anything, but I also do want to be "aggressive" in the restoration efforts in an attempt to do so.


So with this unknown coin ($25) I'm looking for

1. Any info you all might think about it.
     a. There was literally no description for it at all.
     b. It feels very smooth.
2. Best advice to attempt to restore it.
     a. What material is this?  Seems different than some bronze ones I have.

Thank you for reading and I really do appreciate your time and look forward to learning more and being part of your community.

All the best,
JJ Walker

It is Demetrios I.....weight and diameter, please.


Joe Sermarini:
Unfortunately that one is very likely fake.

Jj W:

--- Quote from: marylannin on October 06, 2021, 04:52:44 pm ---It is Demetrios I.....weight and diameter, please.


--- End quote ---

Sorry I should have thought of that.


Jj W:

--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on October 06, 2021, 06:21:17 pm ---Unfortunately that one is very likely fake.

--- End quote ---

That's sad.  Thanks for the reply.  I'm sure mostly it's because you've seen so many you can tell easily, but anything in particular that you saw here that made you think so?  And if it's fake, would it be modern fake, or old fake?  And why would someone go through the effort to fake one like this with a low value?


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