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Franke Hirmer 1964


Does anyone have a copy of Franke and Hirmer’s Die Griechischen Muenzen (Munich, 1964)?  On Plate 10, no. 29, there is an extremely rare coin from Katane.  I’d like to get a clearer picture and know its basic details, including what collection it resides in.  Any help much appreciated. All I have is a blurry shot of the reverse.

The coin on your picture is Franke & Hirmer plate 10 number 31. Attached you find the pictures (the best I could do :-\) and the description.

But this coin has also been described in Christof Boehringer, "Rekonstruktion des Schatzfundes von Ognina 1923", SNR 57 (1978), pp. 102-143:
The coin here is number 17 on page 174 and shown on plate 30.

It is today in the collection of the  Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi in Syracuse, Italy, see here on page 28:



Excellent—thank you!  I was searching for a bronze unit.  The author I was reading said nothing about the coin’s specific attributes and seems to have listed the wrong number anyhow.  Perhaps it isn’t as rare as I originally thought.

This was very helpful, thank you.  And what a spectacular coin!


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