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ID spear/javelin head


Kilian O:
I've had this item for quite some time. The guy I got it from said it was found in Belgium close where caesar besieged a celtic hill fort. Other finds he found with it were ballista bolts and slingshots. Of course this all can be bullshit. The item is 26cm long,iron alloy and has 2 grooves on the blade.

Roman spear blades have a flat or diamond-shaped cross-section.  In a few examples, the middle line of the diamond-cross-section blade becomes a slightly raised, sharp mid-rib. 

But yours appears to have a large rounded mid-rib so that its cross-section is roughly -O-.  Is this correct?

This -O- form began on bronze spearheads in the Bronze Age and continued into the Iron Age, including on iron spearheads.  It was common on Celtic spearheads, so that is likely what yours is.  Whether it dates from the time of Ceasar, or from hundreds of years earlier, I don't know.


Kilian O:
Yeah the middle is indeed raised. You can see it more clear in this picture.

Kilian O:
Maybe you can see it clearer on this picture. The middle of the spearhead is indeed raised.


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