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Dominic T:
He keeps selling these Mark Antony Legionary denarii after being warned. Last week it was a Julius Caesar brockage rejected by NGC as a counterfeit.

Joe Sermarini:
I have been wondering for years when Lanz would be nominated. Adding them to the NFSL means we think that nobody should buy from Lanz on eBay, not ever, because they are a notorious fraud. Opinions?

Unfortunately I agree.
He just doesn´t stop selling blatant forgeries, although knowing the coins to be false.
No one can stop him, as he quit all dealer´s associations.


I believe he is the essence of notorious.  Is there anyone else as well known for selling fakes?

Din X:
"The sellers on this list knowingly and intentionally sell fakes."
Lanz is neither knowingly nor intentionally selling fakes, because if Lanz is notified he generally always is withdrawing fakes and "knowingly" would mean that this person gets bulletproof or good and convincing evidences that the coin must be fake.
If you write, "This coin is fake", "this coin is a published fake or die match to published fake" or "Expert or authentication service thinks it is fake" , without mentioning why they are supposed to be fakes you can be sure many dealers and auction houses will not withdraw them and ignore your message!

I have warned a huge US auction house too (it has an authentication service ^^), that their Syracuse drachm is a transfer die fake, I have the dies with a die break only present in my transfer die, this die break is not in ancient dies.
So I could connect my transfer die with the fake 100%.
They refused to withdraw the fake and sold it !!!
They said that they have the coin in hand and patina is old and I do not have the coin in hand so I can not know and who I am to tell them such things (so very polemic and aggresive message).
You can be sure that I will not buy form them again and that their catalogues the new ones will find their way directly to waste bin (the old ones are already in waste bin)
I wrote them that they are rumors that this forgers would use ancnient coins as planchets or they managed to make artificial patinas very close to authentic patinas.
They did not care!
But they did withdrawn the very obvoious Aitna cast fake, of which I wrote them in another email and which should not fool amateurs but which fooled them even when they had it in hand. ;D
And they had to withdraw a very obvious pressed Demetrios Tetradrachm from Beirut school. :tongue:
I have notified them in past, too about fakes and published fakes t and some they have wthdrawn and some not.
So may I nominate them, they sold knowingly fakes?
Lanz would have withdrawn such fakes, if being notified and if you have good evidence for them being fake.

Lanz had 2 Lipanoff fakes recently in its ebay auction, it seems like someone has warned him about the CLODIUS ALBINUS and so this fake has been withdrawn but no one seems to recognize the other Lipanoff

Albinus withdrawn

It seems like no one told him about Octavian (Aplustre of the Lipanoff fake is very wrong and strange engraved)

Back to the legionary Denarii, I worte already why I suspect them to be fake but this are only arguments and they are not bulletproof so I understand when someone still has a good feeling, they have fooled other dealers and auciton houses, too.
Dominic T  are you now a leginoary denarii expert?
Do you know how many fakes are in Lanz auctions and how high this % is compared to other dealers and auction houses?
So if his amount of fakes is maybe a little bit worse than average, there are auction houses with higher % of fakes and he is only withdrawing fakes if he thinks that they are fakes like other aution houses and dealers,too.
I think it would be only fair if we would then nominate auction houses who have same % or higher than Lanz and who are refusing to withdraw fakes , too (they of course think like Lanz that some fakes would be authentic).
Dominic T do you have experience concering the notificiation of auction houses and dealers about fakes and if yes how much and based on this experience have you never had the case that some were ignoring warnings and refused to withdraw fake even if you had much better evidence than we have in case of legionary?
We are all humans some have problems with legionary denarii others had for example recently problems ( 16-17.January 2021) with a Philip II, Le Rider 114 cast tetradrachm etc.

"Julius Caesar brockage rejected by NGC as a counterfeit"
I think that most ebay listings are done by his employees (I do not even know if he is still alive, his ancient art collection was sold recently on ebay at his store, so I am worried because he is old and we have Corona at the moment).
And fakes can slip through, we are all humans.
I assume he would have withdrawn the imho fake if he would have been notified about it and if you have evidence that the coin is fake.
And that the coin has been condemned by NGC is not helping except you know why they have condemend the coin and this arguments are conclusive/persuading.
I understand that some in USA think NGC is the best if it comes to authentication, I respect that Americans think so.
In Europe (collectors, many dealers and auciton houses) are more interested in arguments than in opinions no matter from whom they come.
This coin looks fake (hand cut dies), but to be honest I have never seen a fake from this dies before but he had other very suspicious coins with same style Otho, Caesar, Caesar,Clara, Titus  etc in his ebay autions before (and I think a reputlable auction house has sold one of the Othos same dies too). But they all seem to be so far unpublished and the style is not always so bad if you compare to authentic specimens. And I think we had a thread about them in the past already here in forum.


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