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Hello, folks,

I would appreciate your comments on this tetra of AIII, seemingly to be
of Babylon mint, lifetime issue. The obverse is of no apparent interest.
For the reverse - what is the meaning  of the monograph under the throne? What  is the object (or character) in the left field?


I believe your coin to be Price 3667 from Babylon, which makes the symbol in the left field an 'acrostolion'.  I really can't help you with monogram below the throne except to tell you  it is a symbol above an 'M'.


PS According to David Sear's GCV an acrostolion is the gunwale of a ship.

Thank you! It is a great news (I was rather upset that nobody could say a word).

 In Latin: acrostolium is the decorative part of the bow of a  warship, often removed from a defeated enemy vessel and displayed as a trophy.

The monograph below is enigmatic:  for me, it resembles a 3-dimensional impossible object.


Sometimes the monograph is a combination of stylised Greek letters.  I don't have the expertise to decipher things like that.  Sorry for taking so long in answering your post.  I work shift-work and sometimes thinking is the last thing I want to do.  ::)

<Sometimes the monograph is a combination of stylised Greek letters.>

The monogram above the M appears to be 3 letters superimposed, an  H  with a F down the middle and a L at the bottom middle.

I had always thought the object in the left field was a torch.



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