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Uncertain Symbol on a Billon Coin of Lesbos

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Dear fellow list-izens,

I need your help to identify the symbol that appears on the
attached two coins of Lesbos. They are both the so-called
1/20th staters, showing a boar's head facing right, with this
"unknown" symbol above.

I have highlighted the symbol in question, and also shown
the image in its correct orientation (as you may see).

Some of these have letters above, others have an eye or a
'lozenge' shape device above, but this has something that
I cannot recall encountering previously on a coin.

I have shown it to a number of colleagues, several of whom
are quite familiar with the coinage of this city, but no one has
yet been able to offer anything firm about what it may be.

Is this symbol familiar to you? What do you think it is?

Walter Holt

maybe a turtle seen in front

A similar symbol (also together with a boar) appears on some coins from Pergamon, sometimes it is called slug. ( I donĀ“t know why  ??? boars eating slugs  ??? )

I would suggest that the symbol is a stylized eye.

A representation of the ancient Theatre of Mytilene on Lesbos.


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