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Dear All

I am hoping to form a small collection for display of silver tetradrachm coins (of at least gVF quality) issued by the Generals Cassander, Lysimachus, Seleucus, Ptolemy and Antigonus post Alexanders death. I am hoping to find such coins issued with their form (actual or likeness if none) upon the obverse.
Also does Alexander himself have any coins in his likeness issued whilst he was alive? (I dont think so).
I would be grateful for any assistance you can give me in this matter.


The only lifetime coins of Alexander III known to have his image on are the very rare five sheckel/medallions commerating the defeat of Porus.  There is a controversy on whether the lifetime tets of Alexander and his father are showing themselves as Herakles and Zeus, respectively, or are only portraying images of the gods.


Give the smilarity in looks between the remaining Alexander III sculptures from the Hellenistic period, including the onl known lifetime portrait, and the portraits of Herakles on coins in my opinion the argument is moot, its him. Im not an expert though.
The only two successors that im not sure about are Cassander and Antigonus, all the rest minted coins and id imagine those two did as well, its just ive never seen them. But then, i havent really looked. ::)
                                      LordBest. 8)


I agree, I think they are his likeness, as well.  The images of Alexander on the coins of Ptolemy and Seleucos as satraps are too much like his own coinage to be a coincidence IMHO.  I was merely trying to be un-biased in my first post.  :)


Thanks to you both.

I guess I am looking for a pre 323BC Alexander III tetradrachm and circa 300BC for other generals. Hopefully with 'King ......' written on reverse to qualify them as issues after Demetrios's issue with his own image.

BTW who got Carthage - Ptolemy?




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