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Last I heard, over five years ago, B. Woytek was working on Nerva and Trajan, Richard Abdy on Hadrian, and all three emperors were to be treated in a single new volume, RIC revised II.2.

Apparently it was decided that the planned single volume should be split into two. Woytek's new RIC II.2 on Nerva and Trajan has certainly not yet appeared.

I'm not seeing the new RIC II edition at my local bookseller (nor will I). I had expected a bit more of a groundswell of news and offers, but am not hearing or seeing anything.  My usual numismatic booksellers in the U.S. do not seem to be on the front line of this one.  Ordering from the UK is a tad annoying, as I have paid dearly for shipments (GBP 25 in one instance, and two ill-packaged book shipments badly damaged).  Perhaps copies will appear in the Forum bookshop!

Another desired pick-up for 2020 will be the book on Bactrian coinage, announced by the ANS for publication this year, along with several others:

Royal Coinage in Hellenistic Bactria, by Simon Glenn.
The Tiflis Dirhams of Mongke Khan, by Kirk Bennett.
Old Regime France and its Jetons, by Jim McClellan.


Dear friends, it's time for me to inform you about my first book, freshly arrived

You can find it near Paul Francis Jacquier on ma-shops or directly near the editor (CEN) on this link

"Le monnayage impérial de Gordien III (238-244 après J.C.)

794 references, 714 illustrations, 162 pages with all types and variant I knew in november 2019


Is there anywhere we can see a few sample pages of your text?


--- Quote from: curtislclay on June 10, 2020, 10:35:26 pm ---Congratulations!

Is there anywhere we can see a few sample pages of your text?

--- End quote ---

Thank you Curtis,

Here are some pages (sestertius, silverquinarius and bronze medallions)


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