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Added new books to my library- Coin Hoards

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Blayne W:
I have just added 7 new books to my growing library.  The are Coins Hoards published by the RNS Volume I to Volume VII.   If anyone needs any information from them I will be happy to help. From the Mark and Lottie Salton Library.


A key set from an important family of collector-dealers.  They are subject of a longer piece in ANS bulletin.  Fascinating lifestories.


Nice books.  You might be sorry you asked....

I would be very interested to know if any hoards are listed which break down late Roman bronze coinage by full field and mint mark.  I am especially interested in FEL TEMP REPARATIO Falling Horsemen and the Valentinianic GLORIA ROMANORVM and SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE types, tough any type from 324-395 is of interest.

It is very hard to find hoard info that actually includes this level of detail.  Most provide the type without marks, or, especially for older listing just the Emperor.  It is sad but true that late Roman bronzes have not been seen as "worth the effort" by many numismatists - list every mark on an Alexander tetradrachm - why of course - but waste time on these little things - no way.


Blayne W:
Shawn, just browsing through 2 of the books, the rest I left at work, there does seem to be some breakdown of some of the hoards by mintmark.  In R. Bland's description of A mid-fourth century Hoard from Turkey from Book VII, he describes looking at over 600 FEL TEMP REPARATIO Falling Horsemen.  I have attached a snap of 2 of the 16 pages in the article.  Is this the sort of information you were looking for? 

Ohhhh.  With weights too.  Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for!



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